Determining the right mix of mental aptitudes and behavioral traits a person should have to be successful in a given role is something few of us can do well across all positions.

To make the best hiring decision, an applicant's aptitudes and personality need to be compared against those who have been successful in the specific job for which the applicant is being considered.

IC has partnered with Candidate Resources, a leader in the assessment industry, who has assessed successful performers in hundreds of different job categories, resulting in benchmarks that represent the aptitudes and behaviors required for success in these jobs categories. Candidate Resources maintains a large database of these benchmarks that an employer may use to make better hiring decisions. For even greater success in identifying the specific aptitudes and behaviors required for success in a job, Candidate Resources provides employers the ability to develop benchmarks specific to the employer by assessing the successful performers in a job within that employer.

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 Types of Assessments    

Exec/Mgt      Sales      Hourly      Vocational      Black Belt      360 Competency      Performance Appraisal       Exit Interview


Achiever    Measures six mental aptitudes, ten personality dimensions and two validity scales for professional, sales, management, supervision and administration jobs.

Executive Achiever   Full Achiever, plus Leadership and Competency analysis, for upper level professional and management jobs.


Sales Achiever   Full Achiever in sales language, for inside or outside sales.


Guardian   For hourly jobs; measures ability to learn, math, numerical perception and personality.

Scoreboard   For entry level and hourly jobs; measures personality and direct admissions of theft, drug or alcohol problems as they relate to the job.

Performer   For entry level and hourly jobs; measures ability to learn, numerical perception and ten personality dimensions.

Besthire   Brief assessment for blue collar or hourly jobs to determine if a person will be dependable and if there is a "job fit" between the person and the job.


Career Advisor    The Career Advisor is an assessment designed to measure the skills and traits of an individual relative to those required for success in a particular vocation.


Black Belt  Assessment for Six Sigma Black Belts or those aspiring to be, to determine if the individual has what it takes to be successful as a Black Belt.


360 Competency   Offers employer ability for employee and up to five other parties to rate the employee on up to sixteen different job competencies.


Performance Appraisal    Combines the features of a traditional performance appraisal form with an objective assessment of an employee's mental skills and personality traits as compared to those required for success in the job under review.


Exit Interview  This general Exit Interview provides an employer with an online survey for gathering information from departing employees regarding their attitudes and opinions about working for the employer.



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