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About Us

Helping Organizations Succeed Through Effective
People and Process Management

Our Vision:

  • To contribute significantly to the success of not only individual organizations but the way in which business is conducted.

  • To continue to learn, refine and create enriching business practices.

  • To be energized and motivated by the excitement of applying knowledge that inspires the way we work and live.

Interactive Consulting has been helping organizations of varying sizes, industries and desires boost their performance and optimize their efforts since 1996.

In 2006, Interactive Consulting joined forces with Candidate Resources, Inc. (CRI), a national leader in attracting, screening and developing great people. CRI's years of expertise in the filed of human behavior compliments Interactive Consulting's focus on the day to day operations.

Our approach is to work "with you" by stimulating innovative thinking and transferring knowledge, placing your organization in a superior position to improve and achieve its objectives. 

Performance Improvement across the organization




Client Comments

"... played a critical role ... guidance were the key"
K. Kuzmich, Chief

"We were able to significantly increase our efficiencies and begin reducing  our backlog with the implementation of just one process improvement recommendation"

R. Mallory, President





Improving how work gets done

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