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-- Interactive Consulting�s Kay Graham-Gilbert receives prestigious honor;
to be featured in forthcoming mentoring book 

(Austin, TX) May 3, 2004

              Kay Graham-Gilbert, President of Interactive Consulting of  Austin, has been selected as one of  the Top Business Mentors � an honor bestowed to only 50 professionals internationally.  Awarded by Mission Publishing of Palo Alto, CA, the selection identifies Graham-Gilbert as an innovative expert whose skills, experience, and record of success qualify her as an unsurpassed resource and mentor for others.  The award also signifies Graham-Gilbert's distinctive leadership in her profession as a management consultant.

Graham-Gilbert's selection is highlighted by her inclusion in a book with other top mentors including world-renowned Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, and Robert G. Allen.  The book, titled "Create the Business Breakthroughs You Want" is planned for a Fall 2004 release.  All recipients of the award are invited to write a chapter for the book in which they use their insights and experiences to impart invaluable wisdom to others.  Over 2000 individuals were nominated for the program, and after thorough interviews and review, 55 were selected.

�It�s a tremendous honor to be selected� says Graham-Gilbert.  �To be recognized not only for professional achievements, but as one who can advise and help others to accomplish their goals is quite humbling.�

John Eggen, head of the selection process for the program, believes the honor of being selected is well-earned, and in some cases, long overdue for the winners.

�We all hear about the Fortune 500 CEOs and world business leaders, but too often we neglect to recognize wise experts whose insights and strategies have significantly transformed people�s personal and professional lives, and made a positive impact in their communities,� notes Eggen.  �The knowledge these individuals possess is extraordinary; people like Graham-Gilbert are genuine experts who are helping business owners, executives, and professionals achieve significant goals.�

For more information about Kay Graham-Gilbert visit www.InteractiveConsutlingUSA.com, or call 830.864.4267.  For more details about "Create the Business Breakthroughs You Want", call 650.321.1306.



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