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Customer satisfaction: not just a phrase, a reality with Interactive Consulting

Here are a few results organizations have enjoyed:

A production-oriented organization successfully implemented workplace productivity recommendations resulting in reduced cycle time from days to hours

  Increased team productivity and human performance realized by a services organization by reducing communication steps in half

  Several organizations experienced increased speed in information technology project implementations by streamlining the procurement process and developing clearly defined business requirements up-front

  Through operational management, customer support, and sales activities, one distributor experienced an average sales increase of 32% per year over three years  


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The automation ... will result in improving the integrity ..., increase efficiencies of the process, and provide more feedback than ever before."    K. Kuzmich, Chief

  A health organization saw productivity improvements of 30% through implementing standardized practices

  A manufacturer improved productivity by 15% and decreased costs by 20% with various inventory solutions

Case Study

Challenge: We worked with an organization that wanted to implement several information technology initiatives right away. They were experiencing many challenges including integrating project objectives, meeting executive management expectations, and departmental conflicts. Executive management realized their hands were full with the existing issues, and knew they needed help in determining (1) how the initiatives would affect their operation, and (2) what changes were required.

Approach: We conducted a business process review to not only identify the impact and necessary changes to business units, but also recommend business process alternatives and process solutions that would enhance productivity and maximize their information technology. An Operational Change Matrix was used to illustrate the affected areas and opportunities for performance improvement.

Outcome: The client embraced the improvement suggestions, immediately planning implementation. The implementation of targeted streamlined operations provided an easy transition to new technology which improved performance and reduced cycle time. Through our efforts we were also able to provide direction in managing the various technology initiatives resulting in: clear project goals, reduced conflicts among staff, and executive management's ability to finally see progress.

In general, Interactive Consulting's client relationships experience one, more, or all, of the following performance outcomes:

  • Processes that are streamlined and integrated for efficient operations

  • Information systems that work in tandem with all functions

  • Profitability that is enhanced through cost reductions and/or improved efficiencies

  • Customer service that goes beyond the essentials

  • Employee satisfaction and/or staff development that keeps giving over and over again

  • Routine conflicts resolved, adding valuable productive time



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