Team Effectiveness

  • Does the management team(s) work collaboratively or competitively?
  • Is it difficult to get all of the team members on the same page?
  • Are the results of team efforts meeting expectations the majority of the time?
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When the right mix of talent, personalities, behaviors, motivation and innovativeness are brought together in a group, the results are magical. When the right combination is missing some elements, the outcome is disappointing.

In addition to this "right mix", effective team results are a product of:

  • Well-defined objectives

  • Synergistic behavior

  • Defined of roles, dedication

  • Effective communication

  • Focus on quality

To  evaluate your team(s), start by determining how they rate on each of the above areas.  Remember, teams come in many varieties: project teams, executive teams, virtual teams, improvement teams, functional teams...

Interactive Consulting Services include:

  1. Assessing the make up of each team member

  2. Identify gaps in performance

  3. Provide guidance in developing the team 




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