Job Design

A good job design includes a variety of issues -- job duties, how the job fits into the organization's needs, incentives, supervisory needs, workspace ... Before starting the recruitment process, it is necessary to be certain the job is defined well.

Defining the job well includes identifying what the organization needs. When hiring for an existing position, it is important determine if needs have changed since the last hire.  New positions require careful consideration to insure the best match can be achieved.

It may also include, during the hiring process, to take a step back and look at the structure of the job -- reporting structure, integration with other functions/departments, work environment, job fit -- to identify ways to increase performance. This may also include looking at the entire department or group of departments to see what will work best for the entire system.

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Interactive Consulting services include:

  • Defining the job -- analyzing what is needed: critical skills, tasks/duties, outcomes, job description alignment
  • Full review of the job structure

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