The Online Employment Center

An online applicant attraction and screening tool that gives you access to valuable information and efficiencies that goes beyond resume collection, including:

  • Focuses applicant flow into an online recruiting website. Operates as a funnel that collects a pool of jobseekers, qualifies them according to employer specific criteria, and ranks them by qualifications
  • Uses a clear-cut method of screening which is not left up to interpretation by a manager or HR personnel
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  • Dramatically reduces the time to hire new employees

  • Substantially reduces the costs associated with recruiting and screening applicants

  • Assist employers with EEOC and OFCCP compliance requirements relative to the collection, storage and analysis of data. Data readily retrievable.

  • Automatically differentiates a qualified applicant from a jobseeker as required by the OFCCP's definition of an internet applicant. Is standardized according to the Federal Uniform Employment Guidelines that separate an applicant from a job seeker.

  • Allows analysis of applicant data in each step of the selection process. This data analysis is crucial for employers subject to OFCCP compliance since it allows proactive monitoring of the selection process to identify potential adverse impact.

  • Follows procedures as published in the Federal Register on October 7, 2005 in vol 70, no.194 @ page 58946. Employers who must comply with OFCCP guidelines must have a nondiscriminatory system in place to differentiate an applicant from a job seeker and to keep that information for reporting, desk, company, or compliance audit

Why choose the CRI Online Employment Center?

The CRI Online Employment Center is the only patent pending process
to differentiate a qualified applicant from a jobseeker and collect and store all applicant data required for EEOC/OFCCP compliance and reporting.


The internet provides a dynamic opportunity for employers to harness the technology of the web to improve the productivity of their applicant attraction and screening functions. By focusing applicant flow generated by advertising, postings on job boards, the use of public and governmental employment facilities, (i.e. One Stop Centers, Workforce Commission offices, etc.) into online recruiting websites, employers can dramatically reduce the time to hire new employees while substantially reducing the costs associated with recruiting and screening applicants. These time and cost savings can be realized through the use of one application: The Online Employment Center

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