New Hire Tax Credits

Approximately 15% of new hires qualify for federal and state tax credits. Surprisingly, most of these credits go unclaimed due to the complexity of complying with and applying for the credits.

Teaming with CRI can help you recover credits ranging in value from $1,500.00 to $8,500.00 per eligible employee, depending on the type of credit.

There are hundreds of other incentives and credits available at the state and local levels including state enterprise zones, jobs and training incentives, and capital investment credits.

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Available Tax Credits:

I. Federal Employment Tax Credits

A. Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  1. Two types of WOTC: one geography based and one for targeted demographic groups
  2. Up to $ 2,400.00 per eligible employee
B. Welfare to Work Tax Credit (WTW)
  1. Targeted demographic groups
  2. Up to $ 8,500.00 per eligible employee
C. Empowerment Zone Employment Credit (EZEC)
  1. Geography based
  2. Up to $ 3,000.00 per eligible employee
D. Renewal Community Employment Credit
  1. Geography based
  2. Up to $ 1,500.00 per eligible employee
E. Indian Employment Credit
  1. Both geography based and targeted demographic groups
  2. $ 2,000.00 + per eligible employee

II. State Credits and Incentives

A. Hundreds of incentives nationwide including:
  1. WOTC piggy back credits
  2. State enterprise zones
  3. Jobs and training incentives
  4. Capital investment credits

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