How the Online Employment Center
 Works for You

Your Employment Center would take the form of a custom website that is easily integrated into your company's website and HR systems. Candidate Resources will use their proprietary systems and websites to bring applicant flow to your Employment Center. At your web based Employment Center, candidates will be able to obtain background information about your company, find out the details of available jobs, and have access to whatever corporate materials you deem appropriate.


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  • Candidates complete specifically developed prescreening questions that have been designed to uniquely determine if a candidate meets your minimum job requirements and criteria.

  • Candidates that meet your prescreening criteria, would be allowed to complete a custom designed application and submit a resume, if desired.

  • Affirmative Action and other information you require can be confidentially tracked and retained.

  • Candidate Resources' market leading proprietary aptitude and behavioral based assessments can be effectively incorporated into the Employment Center. Using the assessments of your Top Performers as a Benchmark, you will be able to uniquely compare and rank candidates on a nondiscriminatory basis.

  • Our clients have found that the use of our assessments has dramatically lowered their costs of recruiting, enhanced the quality of applicants, reduced turnover and increased productivity.

  • One of the added benefits of the Online Employment Center is the ability to determine all the New Hire Tax Credits available to you.

  • The Employment Center is web based and allows administration from multiple locations, with simplified candidate tracking, comprehensive e-mail function, and automatic paperless record retention.

  • The total costs are modest and vary depending on your company's requirements.

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